Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Mallet Anesthesia

The anesthesia machine at our mission hospital has bitten the dust and we need to replace it. Without it, all we have is spinal block anesthesia, which suffices for below-the-belt surgeries (C-Sections, hernias, and lower extremity surgeries, and the like) but we need general anesthesia for pretty much everything else. International Aid has a refurbished unit for us (pictured here) for $3,000. The other option would be to get a $20 mallet, which patients do not care for. Most mallet anesthesia patients wake up with zinger headaches.

Any donations, of course, are tax-deductible. You can send your gift in the mail or give electronically via PayPal. Make checks payable to Starfysh. I'll keep you posted on progress of this little effort.


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