Sunday, February 07, 2010

Crime of Fashion

There was some comfort in knowing that the US Marines and Navy established a base camp just a few hundred yards down the road from where we were. A couple of us walked down there to introduce ourselves and to let them know that we were there and that they could bring an apple pie by our place any ol' time.

A few days later, I did have the interesting pleasure of revisiting the base, this time with Florida Congressman Rooney (to this date I don't know if he is Democrat or Republican. Besides, does it really matter in times like these?).

Yet another time, at their suggestion, we came up with a wish list of medical supply needs that would help us out alot (the Navy half of the military presence, I guess, were the medical folks. They had the big Navy hospital parked out in the Gulf). At any rate, they came through for us, showing up a few days later with lots of large boxes of supplies.

Check out the pic. They wanted to throw me in the brig for committing a heinous crime of fashion, but I talked them out of it with some bottles of Coca Cola.

Whew. Close one.

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