Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Field Hospital Update

Not 3 minutes ago I hung up the phone having learned that our 22-day old field hospital is seeing upwards of 400 patients per day, and admitting patients as inpatients. Inpatients in an outdoor hospital. More and more surgeries are being performed. Word has it that the earthquake-damaged hospital in the village is now completely non-operational, adding to the patient load at ours. There is tremendous strain on staff and supplies. Add to all this the continued difficulties moving people (i.e. medical teams) into and out of country. There is STILL no commercial air traffic being allowed into the country. Please pray with me that we will be able to meet needs without running out (or burning out) our resources.

The need is great. Just because Haiti's plight is dropping out of front page status means nothing. This is continuing to be a grave humanitarian crisis. Last word was 210,000 dead from the earthquake. Sadly, there will be MANY more who will not survive, maybe not from a cinder block crashing down on their necks, but from homelessness and hunger and all that they bring (e.g., cholera, etc.). Haiti is no where near out of the woods.

Sorry for the tone, but I am very concerned. Please pray for the precious people of Haiti.


Anonymous said...

I hear your heart and concern. I will continue to pray even after the media go home. Keep reminding us!!!! Beth

Donna said...

Please don't apologize for your tone Steve. We all need to stay concerned and not forget those precious people. Thanks for staying on the topic.