Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sensitivity to Culture

This photo was a funny diversion during an otherwise heavy experience. Here I am after pretty much demolishing this chair, having also just broken that green bench there at the side. My good lifelong friend Dr. Steve Foley (OB/Gyn, Colorado Springs) helped me up. I'm pretty sure the chair was irreparable.

Anytime I tell someone my blog address they look at me like I'm crazy. As if I came up with the most obscure, hardest-to-remember web address I could think of. Well, remember I didn't exactly have time to consult a marketing firm when I started this. Plus, I really didn't anticipate the interest that there has been in it (at least interest outside my current circles).

(And as just an aside here... I do so appreciate all you who have been reading this "experiment" of mine. And for your kind, affirming words. Although I have generally not taken the time to answer your comments on my posts, please know that I have read every one... more than once. They, along with your in-person and on-the-phone comments have been very encouraging to me).

All this said, I hereby dub this blog experiment a success and will continue to use it as my online journal of thoughts and essays.

And just so you know I'm not a complete nut case (just a partial one)..... the term "culture and sensitivity" comes from the medical practice of sending a specimen to the lab to culture it for microorganisms and to run tests on the culture to see which antibiotics those microbes are sensitive to. Not all staphylococcus bacteria, for example, are predictably sensitive to methicillin-type antibiotics. Hence the term MRSA: methicillin-resistant staph aureus. Based on sensitivity testing, therefore, we choose treatments that will bring the cure we desire.

This journal is my exercise in sensitivity... in paying attention to culture and to life and to events. Not to make more out of them than there really is, but at least to notice them and be receptive to what God could teach me through them.

Like Jeremiah, a prophet......


Heidi B said...

I am so glad you are sharing your experiences through this blog! I look forward to every entry. You have a compassionate heart which you allow the Spirit to guide you. You truly are an amazing man. As well as all those others who followed their heart and accompanied you to Haiti and my guess is will go back again to care for the Haitian people. Thanks again for sharing.
Heidi Bradseth

Steve said...

Thanks Heidi. And you're right. I'll be returning to Haiti soon.

haititodd said...

Glad your going to continue this Steve. Do you know when you're going back. I leave Feb. 19, and the church approved the funding for another trip this summer sometime. It would be great to connect again.

Steve said...

Yes I am coming down for a brief visit during the first week of March. So we will be able to connect! My current plans are to go to LaGonave for just Monday afternoon, and evening, then head over to TiGoave on Tuesday and come home Saturday, March 6th.
And thanks, I'm enjoying the blog experience too.
See you in a few weeks.