Friday, February 05, 2010


These children were near death when they arrived, both suffering from malaria. Both severely dehydrated. One, fortunately, was able to take oral fluids, albeit very slowly via syringe. The other (in the foreground of the lower photo) was so dehydrated that we were unable to get intravenous access. We resorted to intra-osseous access, penetrating into the hollow, marrow-producing part of the tibia (shin bone) with a large bore needle. Once in, we can infuse fluids fairly rapidly that way. The baby was nearly comatose during this procedure, and reacted minimally to what would otherwise be a very painful ordeal. She responded to the fluids, waking up enough for us to give her life-saving oral malaria medicine.


Kathryn said...


Thank you for continuing to write and post photos!

Anonymous said...

Amazing. We thank God you and your team were there to help.