Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Eyes Have It

Many of the people we saw in the early days following the earthquake had eyes that looked like this. These "subconjunctival hemorrhages" are more startling than they are worrisome. Most cases will slowly resolve over a couple of weeks or so.

I couldn't help but wonder, though, what their eyes had seen. These eyes have seen much trouble, no doubt.... even before the quake. At its best, life is very hard here. On top of poverty, hunger and disease, throw in the annual hurricane season (Haiti was barraged by four hurricanes during one two-week period in 2008), and now earthquakes. It reminds me of the old Negro spiritual Louis Armstrong used to sing....

Nobody knows de trouble I've seen.
Nobody knows but Jesus.
Nobody knows de trouble I've seen
Glory Hallelujah!

Sometimes I'm up, sometimes I'm down
Oh, yes, Lord
Sometimes I'm almost to de ground
Oh, yes, Lord
Although you see me goin' long so
Oh, yes, Lord
I have my trials here below
Oh, yes, Lord
If you get there before I do
Oh, yes, Lord
Tell all-a my friends I'm coming too
Oh, yes, Lord

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