Saturday, January 23, 2010

What day is it?

More personnel arrived at our MASH today. We now are 25 strong, consisting of
about half doctors, the rest nurses, a couple of journalist, and a variety of
other professions. A congressman and senator, I understand, will be coming in
tomorrow for a quick visit.

The Army has established a military base a few hundred yards from us. That is
comforting to know.

There is a small hospital down the road from here that was destroyed in the
earthquake... All except for their surgery room, interestingly. So we have sent
our surgeons down there a few times to perform some of our larger surgery
cases: amputations and the like.

Our group has grown to the point where we feel we must spread out in order to
make best use of our resources. Tomorrow, therefore, we are sending a mobile
medical team of 10 to the village of Leogane not too far from here to see what
we can do there. The rest (including myself) will stay back in Petit Goave to
tend to the needs here.

We have an interesting development... We have been informed that military
geologists are predicting yet another earthquake, potentially larger than the
first. For this reason, we are joining our Haitian friends in not sleeping
indoors. Our army neighbors gave us two large tents which will serve as our
homes for the duration of our time here. (After experiencing a 6.0 let me tell
you I do NOT want to be in even a small building if another one hits.

I remain intensely humbled by the enormity of the task here and by the Haitian
people's dependency on others to help them. One told me, "This is our 9-11." I
agree with him.

There seemed to be more hurt and sorrow today. I think the most poignant moment
was while I debrided the deep and infected wounds of a young woman. Despite me
being as gentle as I could be, she wailed in pain, crying, "Jesi! Jesi!"

And I cried too.

Thanks for the kind comments and prayers.



Andy Traub MPT said...

Thank you for your work in Petit Goave. My wife and I support a young man through compassion international and his name is Jacquelin Homere. If you have any way of finding out if he's alive then please do but if you don't then I understand. Thank you and God bless you.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure if you were still there, after seeing your partner on the news last night. And a quick glimpse of you. I will go to sleep praying for your safety tonight. I'm sure the stress must be getting to you. We will continue to pray for continued strength for you. Mentally and physically. Thanks for keeping us all posted. How long do you expect to be there? I'm sure you must all be like angels to them. God Bless You All.

Sheryl Smith

LEE said...

Praying you are doing well emotionally and physically. God will bless you greatly. Thanks for keeping us informed. Come home safe.

Marilyn Cudahy said...

What a scary surrounding you are facing each and every day. Desperate people that need help, fatiguing long days and now the fear of another earthquake. I am glad that you are not in a building now. Very primitive there... I know you will have a new gratitude when you get back. Thanks for being a brave soldier of Christ. Through your hands you a being Christ. Keep that smile- I know that may be the only light people may see. Can't wait to hear the stories and see the pictures. Praying daily for you and the other workers.

Many blessings!

Jim Carl said...

Steve and Hilari, Praise God for all that you are doing for His Kingdom, All are in my prayers, for your work, your safety, for your hearts to remain strong and you do not become overwhelmed and discouraged. Steve I look forward to your blog; I know that it will be an inspiration for others to follow you, there will be many, many years of work to do. I know our church is planing many weeks of work there this summer and Caryn is wanting to come. Keep up the good work and stay strong!!
Jim Carl

Anonymous said...

Thanks Steve for keeping us posted on your daily endeavors. Thank God for people like you and the others down there helping the Haitans out. It sure makes our problems here look small. God Bless and be safe! Kurt and Barb

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Steve, for your blog. We're standing by in prayer for you, your team and the Haitians. Dave & Gloria Figg

Anonymous said...

Terry and I send our love and prayers as you continue to do meet the many needs in Haiti. Prayer for strength, safety and wisdom. Certainly trust another quake does not hit. We leave for DR later this week.

Bonnie said...

You and your team including my brother Ron Sloan is in our thoughts and prayers. God bless and strengthen you all as you work for Him.