Saturday, January 23, 2010

Terra (not so) Firma

We are seeing a change in the type of patients we are seeing. Although the
fractures, skin wounds, and burns are still coming in, more and more people are
coming to us for reasons unrelated to the earthquake. They are just taking
advantage of a medical presence while we are here. I would probably do the same

I took care of the village judge this morning. He is diabetic and has just one
leg. I debrided his many leg wounds suffered from falling cinder blocks. I
told him, "I hope I do a good job so you don't throw me in jail." We all
laughed. The people of this village have been extremely gracious to us.

My interpreter brought me a gift today: a painting done by a friend of his. He
has been glued to my hip since I've been here. His name is Elvens. A really
nice young man.

Our third team arrived today. Yeah! We need the help.

I am pleased that it is looking like our MASH unit will be sustained for some
time. We have seen more patients every day since we've been here. A couple of
people from a German non-profit stopped by today offering to place a water
desalination facility at our siten capabe of providing 500 gallons of fresh
clean water to both our medical "facility" AND the village of Petit Goave.

I am relieved that this effort has gone without major hiccups and attribute that
to the countless prayers going up on our behalf.

Our camp is outside. The sick and injured start arriving around 7AM filling up
benches we hauled out here from a small chapel building. We triage them by first
panning the crowd to pick out the ones suffering most. We see them first, of
course. The rest we then call up to our triage station: a table created with
two boxes stacked on one another. From there they are directed to one of
several treatment stations: wound care, orthopedic, general medical, and

We saw lot of young infants today.

We have a couple of large tarps (one 20 x 30 feet) up, providing added shade.

Our central supply and pharmacy building is nicely stocked, thanks to you but we
are definitely going through our supplies. We will have to keep a constant flow
of supplies coming.

Out for now.


Megan said...

so glad to hear things are getting better. You all are doing amazing work. Take care of yourselves too!


marnie said...

You are a specific answer to a specific prayer! Thank you for listening to the voice of God and going to Petit-goave.
It is a place and a people that will win your heart, it has mine!
God Bless!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome privilege,seeing how God has expressed His great tenderness and mercy, not only through your heart and service, but by the generosity of people around the world...even Hollywood is doing God's will :) I am praying for you all. The people of Haiti are beautiful. Thank you for all you are doing. With love, Dawn

Secondary Roads said...

The folks at West Berlin are praying for you.
-- Chuck

Marilyn Cudahy said...

Good to hear you haven't lost your humour :) I am sure the judge loved hearing you lighten the situation. Remain strong in your faith!! The message in church was that Christ wants us to "GO". Thank you for being an example to all of us to GO and to have faith that the Lord will provide. Can't wait to hear your testimony! Your faith is stronger than any fear!!