Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Heading Home

Just arrived at the guesthouse in Port-au-Prince where we'll spend the night  before returning home tomorrow.  I am excited to have a long weekend to sleep,  decompress, hug and kiss my family, and begin the process of sorting through  what just happened. For those out in blogville, I do plan on continuing to write, so if you're still  interested...  Also, I hope to start posting pictures, which,of course, I could  not do from where I have been.  See you soon. I love you all. Steve


Janet said...

Just wanted to thank you for your blog, as it has given us a windown into how things are going in Petit Goave. My college-age son was with a mission team in Petit Goave when the earthquake hit. They were there to build latrine shelters in Percin, a very poor area of Petit Goave, and to hold Bible camp for the children of that area. Their mission team was not injured in the earthquake and they were able to offer comfort, love, friendship, and a positive distraction for the children and families who came to their mission compound the days after the quake. The team returned home one week after the earthquake.
It was difficult for them to leave Petit Goave, and they are already working on raising funds to return to help with the rebuilding. Reading your blog has given us much appreciated information on how things are progressing in Petit Goave, and that's an encouragement to him. And helps them to know that they did a small part and God is bringing others to do the work He has prepared them to do.
Thank you and your team for your service to the people of Petit Goave, and for your service to the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Have been following your blog and would definitely like to keep following up. It was great to read it everyday and keep up on how you, and your team, were doing. I imagine you are totally exhausted. Will be praying for a safe trip home. Get your much needed rest before starting back to normal work. As if anything is going to be normal for you anymore. What an adjustment you are going to have to make. Pull yourself together so we can hear all about it at church. Have a safe trip and rest well.

Sheryl Smith

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking time out of your long and exhausting days in Haiti to write the blog, Steve. Wonderful details that gave us a sense of what you were thinking, feeling, seeing, hearing and most of all, doing. Great job pulling the team together and aiding so many people in dire need. Barb S.

Anonymous said...

We look forward to your future blogs as you process this experience. You have a gift for putting into words what so many others are feeling. We've shared your blog with many people as it gives a window into how the Christian spirit responds to the unimaginable. May the Lord give you rest and strength as you decompress. There's always a reverse culture shock after a trip to Haiti - your's is sure to be a culture shock of earthquake magnitude. Thank you for sharing and God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Will be glad to have you home. Loved the blogs- it gave me a more personal sense of what actually was happening in Haiti.

Have a safe trip back!

Anonymous said...

Looked forward to your blog everyday and prayed for you everyday....please keep posting your thoughts as they will haunt you for a long time and life back here will seem so excessive