Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 1 - epi center

Our plane touched down at 7:30 this morning. The airport was buzzing with military from many countries, and united nation
forces. The airport building was damaged so much that we didn't even enter it, leaving instead through the UN security gate,
never having to go through a customs process. Despite the military presence everything was chaotic around the airport, unorganized, and confused. No one seemed to know anything.

We met up with some missionaries who had been scouting some of the areas where medical care seemed to be absent.
We decided to set up our MASH unit on a nice, shady, mission compound in the seaside village of Petit Goave, very near the
earthquake epi center. The journey there was a continuous photo op. Every so often we drove through the putride stench
of rotting bodies. We passed one of the mass grave sites that we heard about on the news. In all my years I've not been to this
village, Petit Goave. I like it. We are all getting up early tomorrow (Tuesdsay) to unpack and organize. The village magistrar
has put out word in town that a medical presence is now here, attending to earthquake- related injuries and illnesses, we expect a long and busy day.

We have no electricity, no running water. It is now 9:00pm and PITCH black, expect for the eerie glow of some weirdos laptop.
Supposedley blogging....

We have a small crew, but we will grow as more folks come out to lend their hand. Our supplies though sparse, are adequate, we believe, to get started. We have two more large shipments of supplies (your donations!) coming: one Wednesday morning, the other Friday. I am taking pictures and will post when I know how.

For now, I am dictating text to Sue to post on blog. Learn as we go, I guess. More to come



Ryan, Wendy, Dyson and Will Hesche said...

We are glad all is going well (or as well as can be expected) Thank you for keeping us posted!

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you.

eddiedaniels48 said...

What supplies do you need? - Karen

Marilyn Cudahy said...

Steve- Praise God that you got there safetly! I continue to pray for strength and wisdom as you assist many hurting people. heard on the news this morning, Wed, that there was another 6.0 tremor. Praying that you all are safe and that God blesses your mission for His glory. Keep smiling! Your light will help others. Blessings!

Marilyn Cudahy

Bill Machemer said...


As soon as I heard the news about Haiti I said to Faye, "I hope Steve is OK. If he was not there, he will be going there soon."

We have been praying for you and the people of Haiti. Stay safe my friend.

Bill Machemer

Anonymous said...

Steve I'm praying for you and your team

Mark W said...

Steve we are praying for you and the rest of your team and for the people of Haiti to see God through your work there Mark W

Denise said...

I'm so glad your there and doing alright. I'm thankful the after shock today didn't cause too much more damage (at least that's what we hear)I keep thinking about all those starfish and am thankful that HE is holding YOU and THOSE you're serving in HIS HAND:)
Always in my prayers.

Anonymous said...


Am glad to hear you are ok, praying that God has surrounded you with His angels and His spirit. Keeping all of you in my prayers.
God Bless

Anonymous said...

Love your heart. Praying for the Lord's hand to work in the midst of your efforts. Can't wait for the next dication/transcription amalgam admixture of thoughts.

Doug & Doris McPherson

Anonymous said...

Steve, you have a gift for literary expression. We met you and Dr. Chamberlain on LaGonave during our dental missions at WISH. Praying for strength and guidence as you face challenges and difficult decisions. Keep blogging when you can. Planning to be on LaGonave Feb 20,if MAF can fly us in. Jack Heck and Jane Howard.