Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Must be morning in Petit Goave

5:50 AM. Dogs barking, roosters crowing, guys on the other side of the tent smacking fire ants off themselves... Must be morning in Petit Goave, Haiti.  No mobile teams going out today. Selfishly, I'm glad for that. We need all the  help we can get around here. Plus, seven folks are shipping out early this  afternoon.  Knowing that I myself will be leaving in a few days, I am beginning to concern  myself with transitioning our unit to those arriving later.  I would ask that  you would pray about this for me... That God would send help down at the right  times, providing for seamless, uninterrupted care.  I and a few others of my team will be returning home Thursday (Thanks AGAIN  Amway for making this happen). I cannot wait to see and hug my family and smooch  and hug the most beautiful girl in the world, my six-week old grand-daughter,  Sophie. I look forward also to having the time to collect record my thoughts  when I get home.  I told someone yesterday that I've often been too busy with  the urgency in front of me to step back and take it all in.  If this were  Survivor, at least I could watch it on TV later.  Pretty good tremor just now.  Big day again today.  I ask your continued prayers for a pitiful situation.  Steve


Marilyn Cudahy said...

Sounds like lots of commotion all around and difficult living conditions. I hope you have been journaling as it sounds like there is so much to take in. Heard today on the news Amway is sending more people and supplies down. How great to see everyone rally to help our neighbor. I am certain Jesus is thrilled that people are listening to their heart and making a difference. Once again I am reminded to be grateful and that God has plans for us and if we listen, our life gets better! Thank you for sacrificing your time, love, and comforts of USA to be the light to Haiti! Your treasures in heaven will be many! Be safe my friend.


Anonymous said...

Dee Whitney called me with word of your blog site. I'm so glad she did. I have enjoyed reading your thoughts and am SO VERY thankful that you and others are there. I have never forgotten my trip to Haiti with you during medschool. I have since been on other mission trips and I long to one day serve again. I am now a rheumatologist with 2 young kids so mission work is not on the family priority list right now but I will definitely support you and others in prayer. My heart breaks for those in Haiti. Thank you.
Kara Petersen

Heidi B said...

Steve my heart and prayers are with you. Thank you for your love and heart. I also remember that trip to Haiti with you and the team from Linwood 9 yrs ago. An experience that changed my life. My heart hurts for all those in Haiti and I will be praying for safety, wisdom, and that God will continue to provide all the needs to help those around you. Thank you for sharing your experience.
God Bless!
Heidi Bradseth

Jen Dykstra said...

Hi Dr. Steve,

I am praying for you as you prepare to come home - what mixed emotions you must have. You are truly a faithful servant. Your work is so pleasing to God, and I believe will be sustained for time to come. You have given so many people hope in Haiti. I am sure Sophie is awaiting a big hug from you. I can't believe the crowds of people and Petit Goave. You and the others are in my prayers,

Jen Dykstra

David Dryer said...


Thanks for serving in this way! Glad to see Berkley is responding. Berkley is a great church.

Miss you all.

Dave Dryer