Thursday, July 07, 2011


Out there in the distance is Trou-a-L'Eau (pronounced Twa-loo), a tiny, remote village of 101 desperately-poor family households (6-10 family members each) on La Gonave's northeast shore. A place virtually untouched by the outside world. A place nearly impossible to get to by land. They drink water from a capped spring, but the water is tainted and unclean from surface contamination. They have this little school but don't have the resources or the teachers to keep it going. Where children die of preventable diseases like measles and malaria and diarrhea, and the world never hears the mournful wail of their mothers.

The people of this village don't know it, but there are people who have noticed them, and are quietly making plans to come.  We'll arrive with doctors and nurses, with medicines and food, childrens books and water purifying filters and shovels and hammers and nails. And a good word that God loves them and sees them and has good news for them...

Arriving at Trou-a-L'Eau

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