Thursday, July 14, 2011

Am I Better Now?

Four year-old Andrew was such a brave little boy for his doctor's visit. His mommy brought him in because of a high fever and an earache. When I walked through the exam room door, I could tell right away that he was nervous and tired, having been up much of the night. He sat on the table while I inspected his ears, nose, and throat. With a temperature of 102.6 his little body was hot to the touch. It was obvious he didn't feel well, but he remained calm while I finished by feeling his neck glands and listening to his lungs and heart. His heart beat fast from fever and nervousness. I turned and shared with his mommy that Andrew had an ear infection and that the medicine I was going to prescribe would take care of things. After answering a few of her questions, I turned to Andrew and bragged to him about what a big boy he was getting to be and that it would be important to take the medicine that his mom would be giving him. I helped him jump off the table, slapped him five, and turned to the door to leave.  Mom, also proud of how Andrew did during the visit, reached down to grab his hand and Andrew reached his hand up to grab hers. And as we all left the room I heard little Andrew behind me say, "Mommy, am I better now?"

Life is hard sometimes. I struggle. I hurt. I get into trouble and I get sick. I'm exposed to the germs and the poisons and the hurts of life. And I am tempted to wonder when, or even if, I'll ever get through my struggles.  Enter Doctor Jesus.  What a great Physician, this Jesus!  He listens intently when I describe to Him my issues and predicaments.  And He has just the cure. When I get up to leave the room after my time with the Doctor, I often wonder, "Am I better now?"

Could it be that my recovery begins before I even leave the Great Physician's exam room? Is there a healing that actually begins right in the room, before even medicine is taken or treatment therapies have started, just as a result of my encounter with Christ?

When little Andrew looked up to his mommy and said, "Mommy, am I better now?" I heard her wisely and very gently say, "You sure are! But you know what? We'll give you the medicine that the doctor prescribed because that will make sure you keep getting better." Yeah," Andrew replied, "I'm just gonna get better and better."

There is a healing that begins by simply being in the presence of Jesus and spending time with Him. Sure, I'll still take the medicine that He prescribes. And I will follow His treatment plan to the end. But I must say, since my visit with Jesus, I'm better already!
Jesus knows all about our struggles.
He will guide til the day is done.
There's not a friend like the lowly Jesus.
No not one. No not one!

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