Friday, July 08, 2011

Where Poison Ivy Belongs

I just came in to the house after my yearly pilgrimage of traipsing out into our backyard woods to find and pull up as much poison ivy as I can. I usually stuff one or two big garbage bags full of it. I've made really good progress in getting rid of it, but it's still back there.  There'll be a day when I get it all. Progress has been made and I'm good with that. Some things just take time.

Where poison ivy belongs
I sort of felt weird taking a picture of this bag of poison ivy, but hey, a guy can be proud, can't he?

A hosta straggler stopped by my house this evening, wondering if I had any left over hostas!  Foolish, foolish question.  We loaded a wheelbarrow of Abby's and Albomarginatae into the back of her SUV and she donated enough for us to purchase 20 more banana trees for Haiti.

We have placed an order for another thousand trees.

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