Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Waffle Dog Days of Summer

Made it out to Brian and Jen's Waffle Dogs for Haiti event last weekend. I'm always game for experiencing new food group combinations and this one didn't let me down. They were breakfast sausages surrounded by deep-fried waffle batter... on a stick. Dip those bad boys in syrup and you'll never waffle again about waffle dogs. Brian tells me this is a common food of the Philipines. Whether it was hunger or curiosity that brought them in, a continuous flow of neighbors stopped by to chat and eat and hear a bit about what's going on in Haiti. Nearly $1600 was donated to our work.

I also enjoyed hearing about the gigantic grease fire they had in their driveway the night before when they were going through a trial run. I suppose the grease tattoo permanently etched into the concrete will always be a nostalgic reminder of those waffle dog days of Summer.

Ah, the memories.

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