Sunday, June 27, 2010

Over My Head... Again

Three weeks. This has been the longest gap in blog-posting since I started it right after Haiti's earthquake. My bad. Just busyness, that's all. Blame busyness.

Even though this is the first post after a 3-week hiatus, I will be brief and to-the-point with my updates:

1. The xray equipment was shipped from the manufacturer in New York this week, and is enroute to Haiti.

2. Starfysh continues to wait for official word from the IRS on official non-profit designation. Even while we wait, we are growing, maturing. Web and print materials have been produced. God is bringing passionate and skilled and connected people to us. Initial projects are in place.

3. The first and most pressing need will be to get these school children fed. It is crazy and ambitious, I know, to think we can START a new organization with this huge endeavor. (Why didn't God show me a tiny little school to get our feet wet with?). But here we are. And there they are. Hungry.

4. I'll be in Haiti this week, spending time at the school and the hospital. I'll try to post something up most days, here and on our starfysh facebook page.

Please pray that God will show up, because I'm clearly over my head... again.



West MI Wesleyan Women said...

I see that you made it back to Haiti! We continue to pray God's blessings on you and your ministry to the beautiful Haitian people. God will give wisdom and meet those needs! Thank you so much for sharing your heart with the West MI Wesleyan Women. Our hearts were touched and challenged. Blessings, Saundra

Steve said...

Thanks Saundra. I very much enjoyed my time with your group.