Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pumps, Piping, Cisterns

Spent the morning with a development worker (a water systems engineer) seeing how they are bringing water to the community they're working in. I learned alot about pumps and cisterns and energy sources and piping issues. Truly impressive, amazing work.

This picture was taken about an hour ago... villagers washing clothes and bathing at a spring. Sadly the water is contaminated (due primarily to human factors. (I think clicking on the picture will let you zoom in a bit).


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Steve, for keeping us updated while you minister.
Chris Baker

Tim said...

Steve, I appreciate your heart. let me know what your plans are over the next few months and maybe I can join in! Blessings on you, brother. My time on laGonave 2 weeks ago was very good.Tim Chamberlain

Steve said...

Thanks for the encouragement Chris and Tim.