Sunday, January 02, 2011

Who Knew.

We are getting ready to ship this 6-ft. tall pallet of IV fluids to La Gonave to have it ready should cholera hit the island full force during 2011. As is always the case with container shipments to Haiti, this will likely take months to clear... all the more reason to get it on its way as soon as we can.

(We are STILL waiting on our feeding program supplies to be released from customs, shipped from Michigan in August).

The mainstay of cholera treatment is rapid fluid replacement. Because of cholera's sudden onset and rapid disease course, many on the island will not be able to get to these waiting IV's. Should cholera break out on the other side of La Gonave (several days' walk / burro ride from the hospital), the IV's and supplies could be moved by boat or truck to that site where medical personnel could use them to save lives.

Who knew, last January 2nd, the events that lay in store for us in 2010? Who knew.

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