Thursday, December 02, 2010

Cholera on La Gonave

Just minutes ago I received word that cholera has reached La Gonave in a more than sporadic way: 40 confirmed cases (13 of which are currently at our hospital). At least three persons have died, but everyone who has reached medical care at the hospital has survived. There is another possible "hot spot" in one of the villages on the island and an assessment team is on their way now to that spot.

As I type, a temporary facility is being constructed near the hospital for the purpose of isolating all cholera patients from the rest of the community.

We have an immediate need:
1. Pray for God's help here. Cholera is serious and rapid.
2. Huge amounts of disposable items are required immediately (sheets, linens, etc.).
3. Immediate funds are required to erect this temporary (or not-so-temporary?) field unit (purchase wood to construct beds, purchase tank sprayers, etc.). We will place some supplies on a container to be sent down, but those containers take awhile to arrive and be cleared (2-3 months!). As important as this is, the unfortunate reality is that this does not help them TODAY.
4. Pray that panic will not occur. Panic would be absolutely counter-productive. What is needed is order, cooperation, level-headedness, and unity.

I am still processing this and will keep you posted.

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