Friday, October 22, 2010

I Have Much to Share

These children were forced to have class outside because of the severe earthquake damage to their school building. This week we will be building them a roof to cover them from the sun and rain.

Early tomorrow morning I will arrive in Haiti for a two-week period. I have 16 people coming down at various times over that time to hang out with me and to work with me and to, hopefully, capture a piece of the vision I have for La Gonave... this dot on anyone's world map. A dot that would probably disappear if you placed a push pin on it. But a dot where 100,000 souls live under the same sun that shines on you and me, and who breathe the same exact oxygen atoms that we have breathed in also, at one time or another. We cohabit this ball, these Haitians and me, and it makes me think. Why am I so lucky?"

Today, my forced exhale betrays my impatience over someone who cut the line in the airport McDonalds. Tomorrow, I'll hold hands with a kid who hasn't eaten in three days. And I'll remember again that God gave breath to both of us. And that we are brothers.

I ask for your prayers for Haiti this week. In a land where, already, diarrhea is the primary cause of childhood death, cholera has raised her ugly head, stealing 140-some lives here over the last couple of days.

I'll probably blog alot while I'm here. I have much to share.


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