Friday, October 29, 2010

Gotta Come

Well, I take my team back to the mainland this morning for a day of rest and recuperation. They have worked hard and accomplished much this week. I'll take them to the airport to go home on Saturday and I'll pick up another small team and bring them back to the island with me. My daughter, Katie, will be on that team, so I'm excited about that too.

I love to bring teams down. To be sure, part of it is the fact that we can get lots of things done. The biggest thing for me, though, is that I love to share Haiti with folks. I remember experiencing it for the first time back in the early 90’s and how my worldview was pretty much turned upside down as a result. And I’m just convinced that being here is the only way to do it. Wikipedia can’t do it. Neither can power point.

Wanna find out about Haiti? Gotta come. If you’re interested in coming down with me sometime let me know. I’d love to bring you with.

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