Sunday, August 22, 2010

Give Away

These eight large and heavy boxes contain supplies that will help to feed hungry kids: cookstoves, cooking pots, tableware, etc. Also contained in these boxes is an xray view box and a boat load (literally, as it will turn out!) of medical supplies for our hospital: suture, scalpels, IV tubing, catheters, syringes and needles, wound care items (gauze bandages, tape, irrigation supplies, etc.), orthopedic supplies (casting material, splints, etc.).

These supplies have all been packed on to a large, 40-foot container and will arrive in Haiti, by ship, in about a month.

Thank you for giving. Your gifts, I promise, will make a huge difference in the lives of people in a quiet, impoverished, and hungry village on a little island in Haiti.

AND!... now that we have received our 501 (c) (3)... I can officially tell you that your gifts to Starfysh are 100% tax deductible. Also you who have given already should know that gifts dating back to February 3rd, 2010 are fully deductible, and we can now send you receipts to use when you file your taxes.

$15 will feed a hungry school child every school day for an entire month. And we want to feed 1,000 kids. School in Haiti starts October 4th, so feel free... give away!

Thanks friends,

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