Tuesday, August 24, 2010


These 19 boxes of plates and glasses and forks were added to our container shipment today. I appreciate Doug Porritt and his ministry, Rays of Hope, for their important role in getting food and relief supplies down to Haiti for folks like us. It's collaboration like this that wins the day. As people and churches and agencies fulfill their God-given roles, the job gets done. Call it strength in numbers; call it synergy. "A cord of three strands is not quickly broken," was how Solomon put it.

Besides, this sharing the work load we call co-labor-ation gives us time to relax, and to notice the little blessings right under our noses. Check out the tree frog taking it all in from atop this hosta leaf. I bet he almost croaked when he saw all those boxes.



Anonymous said...

You crack me up. Glad to hear all the good news.

Sheryl Smith

Anonymous said...

The frog almost "croaked". You really have a way with words.
Hosta la Vista, Brian and Jen

Jeff Wenzel said...


Leave the comedy to the professionals and get back to your day job of healing the sick and hurting.


I can absolutely hear (with my eyes) the enthusiasm in your writing as you post these updates for all of us that follow your blog - and Doctor, I must say it's contagious.

(One good pun deserves another - lol.)

Let me know if you need ANYTHING - I'm "All In" for Starfysh.

God Bless -