Saturday, March 06, 2010

Jesus Knows...

My entry today will be brief, as I am battling a bug I must have picked up in Haiti. In Mexico they refer to it as "Montezuma's Revenge." Down here it is called "Haitian Happiness". What a misnomer! For I am none too happy about this.

A few days ago (exactly seven weeks post-earthquake) I walked up on the disturbing sight and stench of a newly-discovered body dug from the rubble. I know this picture is disturbing, but I felt it was discrete enough to show here. [SEE ADDENDUM BELOW]. Dear friends, this mound of rotting flesh was once a living, breathing human being... with a spouse and children, perhaps. And for sure precious in the sight of God. The way I look at it, pictures like this might keep our hearts tender toward the (continued) repulsiveness of what is going on here.

Writing this just now has reminded me of an old hymn sung in the church I grew up in. It went like this:

Jesus knows all about our sorrow.
He will guide 'til the day is done.
There's not a friend like the lowly Jesus
No not one. No not one!

Health permitting, tomorrow sometime I hope to post a significant blog and video link regarding a refugee camp I spent some time in this week.

Keep praying for Haiti. (And you can throw one in for me if you want).


I have decided to remove the picture I initially posted with this blog. I guess it is really unnecessary that I show it. In a way, my posting it just prolongs the anguish. May this precious person rest in peace.

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