Thursday, February 02, 2012

One Hundred Days From Today

Well, the initial response has been fantastic. It looks like we are going to have a great turnout for the 5/3 River Bank Run on Saturday, May 12th.  Seems everyone I talk to wants to do it.

Actually, if I'm reading people right, one reason they want to be there is to witness my lightning speed they've heard so much about.

Ask anyone who was there at last year's mud run.  I saw them there, standing along the sidelines, laughing with me at how I was able to take on those mud pits with such energy and prowess.  That's me on the left side of the picture.  You can see that the photographer had a pretty hard time capturing a good photo of me running. (He should have adjusted to a fast-action shutter speed).

Join me 100 days from today.  Bare pavement will be a snap.


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JQ said...

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James Q Robinson