Monday, January 16, 2012

Starfysh Publishes Haitian Creole Early Reader

After nearly a year of preparation, translating, and illustrating, Starfysh is excited to announce the release of our first book, An Nou Li (Let’s Read!), an early childhood reader.  Written by Stacy and Kristin Oldenburg, the book is really a compilation of four smaller books:  Kò Nou (Our Bodies), Santiman (Feelings), Kontrè (Opposites), and Bondye fè Koulè (God Made Colors). Each page is professionally illustrated with vivid pictures young Haitian children will love.  “Our vision,” says Stacy, “is not only to provide tools to Haitian teachers to help them teach reading, but to instill in Haitian children a passion for learning that will follow them for their entire lives.”  A second book, a 2nd/3rd grade level reader, is currently in the translation phase and should be out in the Fall.


Anonymous said...

NICE! Congratulations, Starfysh!
Chris Baker

Kris Thede said...

Many unsung heroes live in Haiti. Thank you for highlighting one and providing the resources for Met. Yves and more to help their own people. The book looks great-where can we get some for the North?

Steve said...

Thanks, Kris.
Our first printing was just 2,000 and there has been quite a bit of interest, so we're going to have to do another printing. We'll be bringing most of our stock to Haiti over the next month and I can put your name on a box of them. Or would you prefer us to mail you some?

Steve said...

Just realized that the last 3 comments left have been from Chris A, Chris B, and Kris T. It's "Chris"mas!