Sunday, November 21, 2010

On Our Way

A couple nights ago about 385 (they say) friends of mine gathered at an airport hangar, of all places, to talk about what could be. It was fun and humbling. People asked if I was nervous. Yes, of course, but not as bad as I thought it would be.

I've heard it said that if you're nervous when you go up in front of a crowd, just imagine that everyone you're talking to is sitting out there in their underwear. This tactic did not work for me, for when I looked out over the crowd I saw many of my patients. And it occurred to me that I had, in fact, already seen them in their underwear.

I was not comforted.

I really do appreciate you who came out to "hang" out with me last Thursday. I am really blessed with great friends. I did start to get a little edgy about the kind words being said. I told someone afterward that I felt in a way like I had attended my own funeral. But there I was, sitting in a chair, sweating and fidgety, so I guess I wasn't dead after all.

It was, of course, in the script to have a few folks endorse me a bit. I felt like it was important for people to know that I was serious about this Haiti thing and that I had somewhat of a history of proactivity down there. But, friends, you have to admit it got a little soupy and long.

At any rate, do know that I so appreciate the kindness shown me, not just on launch night, but leading up to it, and since then too. I have a good life. I thank God for you all.

Well, it occurs to me as I sit here blogging that I don't have any pictures of the ordeal to post. It was one time I didn't think to have a camera on me! I've seen a few pics out there, but I don't yet have them. When I get a few, I'll post them.

Also, I want to thank a bunch of folks for things they've done for Starfysh on my behalf. I think thanks-giving will be my next post.

We are on our way!

Overwhelmed and humbled,

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