Wednesday, May 05, 2010

La Gonave Haiti

It occurs to me that most of you out there in blog-land don't know where this "La Gonave" is that I keep yapping about. In the top picture it is the island there in the center of the Gulf of Gonave. Home to about 100,000 of the world's most desperately-poor, it is a tough place to call home: meager existences marked by small-plot subsistence garden plots, hunger and disease a way of life. People here (as in most of Haiti) really struggle to hope for a future that might be any better than what it has always been for them.

The bottom picture is a picture of Anse-a-Galets, La Gonave's largest village, and the place for the past 20 years I have kept returning. And it is here that I have chosen to focus my efforts, starting with the hospital, then with one of the village's schools.

The needs are legion and all are urgent. How does one go about prioritizing such basic needs as food and water and medical care? I guess we'll learn as we go.

Received so far for xray: $3,412 I am going to ramp up my appeal efforts to get this xray baby done. It won't take much, I don't think. The way I figure it, 100 gifts of 60 bucks and we're there. If you know of anyone this type of thing might appeal to would you let them know? Thanks folks.

PS I have been sort of surprised at the interest in my flower photos. Gardening has been a good hobby for me my entire life. During the day I use my brain and wash my hands a lot; in my garden I try to see just how dirty I can get. Hey, I try to be well-rounded.

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