Monday, April 19, 2010


These purple trillium (or should I say purple trillii) are in bloom right now. Not nearly as abundant as the white trillium out there but they're kind of cool. If you look closely you can see the ostrich ferns emerging in the background.

I have been putting in lots of work on Starfysh these past few days. Things are moving forward (necessarily slowly right now). Slowly but surely. I cannot wait until all the organizational work is done so that we can move forward on helping people. I know I've been saying the website will be done soon, and it will. I met again with the webmaster and we are making good progress on that.

I'm not receiving many donations on the xray project right now, but that's because I haven't been beating the drum much since I first posted the need. It will come.


Anonymous said...

yes it will. press on.

Gerard said...

I wish very long life to "Starfish"I know that with a little help you can help a lot my compatriotes.
Good luck Bethmto You and to your groupe.
Truly: Gerard Romulus,ex-Senator of Haiti.